My Life Experience About Borno State BOKO Haram Crisis By Adamu Daniel

via My Life Experience About Borno State BOKO Haram Crisis By Adamu Daniel


My Life Experience About Borno State BOKO Haram Crisis By Adamu Daniel


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My name is Daniel Adamu, a graduate from University of Maiduguri 2016. I am a Geographer by profession. I was born on 25th August 1988. I am a full member of the EYN Church from birth. Currently I am a member of the EYN Youth Fellowship in Jos. I have lived in four different states in Nigeria which includes Adamawa, Rivers, Borno and Plateau State. My father is Rev. Adamu Bello, a convert from Islam. He is the pastor of E.Y.N church in Jos. I have three sisters and a brother. I am living together with my parents here in Jos. I have lived in Maiduguri from 2008 to 2016 when I graduated from university of Maiduguri.

How the BOKO HARAM Crisis started in Borno State, Nigeria
This is how it started from the year 2008: I was in Maiduguri when the state government made it compulsory for the motor cycle riders to start using helmets for protection as a result of the many accidents which happened in Maiduguri, Borno State. That happens not to be in favor of the Islamic religious practices. Muslim motorcyclists tend to use a rope to roll over their head which till date the Kings and Emirs use. The new rule by the state government brought a great dispute with the Islamic religion. This lead to the burning of police stations, which was one of the trigger events of the crisis around the Islamic terrorist group called Boko Haram.
Burning down of Schools
‘Boko’ means ‘school, which refers to western education, and haram means ‘prohibited. Joining the two words BOKO HARAM means school (western education) is prohibited. Some Islamic teachers announce to the Muslims to surrender their school certificates, burn them and join the work of Allah. The only education respected in their eyes was the Almajirri school, which means discipleship school, belonging to the Muslims. So any school that teaches Islamic studies in relation to a western education curriculum is against the will of Allah and must be burnt down. Thats how the burning of schools started in 2009 and 2010.
Burning down of Churches
The burning of churches happens for different reasons:
a general burning down of schools: Some churches have their own primary and secondary schools. Most schools are very close to the church, and out of hatred some churches are also burned down.
out of hatred: some of the Muslims having the church at heart go into burning of churches without any concrete reason, just to bring into religious crisis. Some say that Christians are against Muslims activities, while others say that they want to Islamize the whole of the northern part of Nigeria, starting from Maiduguri.
burning down of mosques: There are some Muslim scholars s brothers which who are against these activities which is taken place, but very few in number. When Islamic terrorists within the in Maiduguri city when every the Islamic terrorist heard of an Islamic scholar about their teaching which is against the Islamic terrorists activitiesy they would foellow the preacher scholar and kill him. Sometimes they would also in which the place of worship is included also burn down his mosque. Bbut only few Mosque mosques was were burned down compared to the number of churches base on percentage of Mosque(in Maiduguri 95% of the houses of worship are mosques, 5% to Churches churches)will be 5 to 95 percent .
how the Nigerian army comes in:. wWhen its come to the notice of the federal government the president Goodluck Jonathaern send in notice when he heard about the Islamic terrorists he other ordered for the their arrest by and sent sending the military personneal for that. in which theSome Muslimss brothers refused to hand the terrorists m over to the personals military, saying that they are were their Muslims brothers. They because him the assumed that the president, who is a Christian, he wanted to destroy their Muslims brothers. in which they wont allow that to happen by By then the Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram were mixed with the Muslim brothers in a part if of Maiduguri call GONGE Gonge. it even rich an extend when the Some Muslims brothers were givingen out their daughters for marriage to with the Islamic terrorists, saying they are brothers from one the same faith. in which they receive a lot of warning from the president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathern but they turn a deaf ear to that wWhen the crisies persisted a military troope of Armey wherewas sendt to Maiduguri Borno State Nigerian which result to the arrival of Nigerian army. From in 2010. It is there up to now. till date

the origin of the cCivilian Joint Taskforce (JTF): tThe Ccivilian JTF meaning joined tasked force come came into existence as a result of the a split dispute within the Muslim community regarding western education. When Muslim fundamentalists in the educational system well the Muslims were asked the Muslims to live leave schools and joined the work of Allah, in which some educated part of the Muslims which were not illiterate that means the educated once didnt agreed to the statement this result to the splitting of the Islamic terrorist to into two which referred to the origin civilian JTF. Ssome of The the civilian Civilian JTF members were once a members of the Islamic terrorist Boko Haram but as a result of this educational background which is a must to be surrender and follow the teaching of the Islamic terrorist result to he separation of the members into join tax force (JTF) and the BOKO HARRAM.
what result to tThe flying Escape of the BOKO HARRAM into the SABISA forest: when the group were splinted into two which is the JTF and the BOKO HARAM (BH) t he JTF worked hand in hand with the military personal Iit was easy for the JTF to trace the BOKO HARRAM members because they some were once a members of the same group. Thus, because of that the BOKO HARRAM have had no option than to fly flee to the SAMBISA forest at the border to Cameroon for self-defense from the JTF and the military personal.
how it resulted in to the killing of Christians: I cant precisely give the actual reasons why Christians were evolved involved in the Boko Haram crisis. to me I will say I personally think it is out of hatred e rate and the a plan of Islamizing the state. thats why the Christians were involve in the crisis.
Mmy reasons for that these assumptions are:
Submission of all weapons announced by the state government. It was announced that all weapons should be submitted to the state government, both licensed and unlicensed ones. there is going to be a A general check-up was announced, from houses to house. that if you are court with any weapons the outcomes wont be that favorable to you as a result of that Some weapons were submitted, but I cant tell if its all. as announce by the state government that result to the
The origin of slaughtering of human heads beheadings: Aafter some weapons were submitted, as announced by the state government the b Boko Hharram members state entering house to house entered houses and slaughtering slaughtered human beings by be heading them. in which 90 percent of the victims were Christians. Iit was so terrible. to and extend vVideos were made and posted online.,
Mmy church was attacked in the evening at around seven o 0 clock in the evening. GOD being so kind – after a change of the Ccharistmas carol program instead of 6 to 12 oclock in the night to 3 and ends 4.; 30 in the evening by the pastor of the church, the church was attacked exactly at 7 o’ clock in the evening. tThere was a battle between them and the security of the church for almost 2 hours. Tthere was not that much damage made to the church. aAfter some hours of battle rather some parts of the zinc roof was were damaged (EYN LCC POLO ) which was were replaced by the church. wWhen the raining seasons was almost approaching, in which the a seventh bomb was even discovered during the replacement roof reparation. which was proven by tThe military classified it as an expired bomb. So many Christians was were buried by the pastor. whom tTheir head was cut off their body. by REV ADAMU BELLO the pastor in charge of the church

The change of government
Presidential election took place and there was a change of Government government from president GOODLOCK GOODLUCK JONATHERN JONATHAN TO to president MUHAMMADU BUHARI. This which helped in reducing the rate of crimes. There thur their was some crisis that took place but it wasnt as before.

How God intervened on Christians during the Maiduguri crisis
God intervention on the life of Christian occur in different incidence from different perspective I am here to share my views on how God intervening intervened ion the life lives of Christians in Borno State, Nigerian. He intervened in different incidences and aspects.
The splitnting of Boko Harram in to two different groups which is the c(Civilian JTF and Borko Harram members):. This occured immediately when there were rampanrt killings of Christians in Maiduguri city after the incident of the submission of weapons as announced by the state government and the burning down of churches. the The Christians were so disturbed to an extend the that they embarked on 1 month of prayer and fasting in the whole state of Borno. state, Aas announced by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) immediately after the prayers and fasting, the outcomes its result was to the splitting of the group members into two, which is the Ccivilian JTF and the Boko Harram members. base on the educational crisis.
The attack of on the EYN Church LCC polo within Maiduguri city: This is another great testimony to share to the world because the terrorists ir intention was to attack the church with its members inside on the 24th of December 2009. This would have been which is going to be a great deserters disasteron the 24 of December 2009. GOD being so kind there was a change of programme instead of it taken taking place from 6 o’ clock in the evening to 12 midnight it was reschedule to 3pm to 4:30 in the evening as announced by the pastor of the church. The attack take took place at exactly 7 o’ clock in the evening. T as plan in which there is was no body in the church except the security men. in which Tthere was a battle between them for almost 2 hours in the evening. The terrorists, they threow seven boombs. None of them in which non explodred. I it was just a miracle.
The creation of relationship between the two opposite religion: aAfter the split of the group into two there was a great relationship between the two opposite religions to an the extend extent that the JTF do protected the churches when services was were going on. in the church its This has also lead to a complete trust on the Christians. for For instance whenever the a Christian group were was travelling for a mission work, if being they were stopped by the JTF or personal they are allowed them to go without any harassment.
My own personal Experians experience about the Borno State crisis 2008 to2009: I was inside my shop bBy then I was having a printing press shop in Maiduguri, together with a barbing saloon. dDuring the late hour of work, when my staff left me by name Ayuba (AY) left me along alone in the shop, I had a strange visitor who comes came in and asked me not to open my shop the next day. in which I did that as he says I did as I was told. eOn the next day, exactly at 6 in the evening I had heard a gone gun shot around my shop area, which was almost about 200 meters from where I am was residing. tThe next day I when went to my shop area on foot. I was told that my friend Emmanuel, Michika by tribe, was shot to dead with his junior brother by the Boko Harram members. that This happeneds to be the in the next shop to my mine. hHad it been I was there no one knows what is going to take place. fFor that I give glory to God. Thanks

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